Why is the current system failing?

What has gone wrong with British political system?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could comfortably reassure ourselves that the United Kingdom were a beacon of democracy? It was relatively advanced one hundred years ago, with women’s suffrage, a strong parliament, but then all this progress appears to have stagnated. It could be a world leader again if enough people are prepared to play an active role in making change happen.

The British form of government has muddled through for centuries on the basis on a gentleman’s agreement. The Prime Minister by and large accepts the will of Parliament, even if it does not agree. The House of Lords provides a challenge or ratification of the House of Commons, a safety catch, and the Monarch agrees not to interfere.

Much of the current system is outdated. Defending it in the name of tradition now seems mere Romanticism and sentimentalism. Lords claim to debate legislation in great detail. However, this all too often translates unnecessary waffle and filibustering which actually obstructs the legislative process.

There is no formal written constitution, as virtually all modern democracies have. Instead, we have a series of traditions, conventions or rules of precedence.

What has happened now is that the gentleman’s agreement has been broken. The Prime Minister did not wish to lose a vote in Parliament, so he has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament, so Parliament has far less opportunity to oppose him, and he can pretty much get his way.

And the system is broken: it is failing to provide democracy at every level.

At a grass roots level, people receive a low level of education about democracy.

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Do we have a democratic government?

Theoretically, yes, in reallity, no.

Noone voted for Boris Johnson outside his own constituency.

This man has subverted democracy. He has taken away our right to political representation.

Boris Johnson is the affront to deny the people of England the representation they voted for.

Given the recent development with Boris Johnson, it seems unlikely Scotland, a country with a modern constitution and a modern voting system at Holyrood, would seek to remain part of such a calamitous system.

Our Vision

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Next Steps…

Change will only come about by talking to people, raising awareness and discussing why you feel the current system is wrong. It excludes people who do not wish to vote for the winning candidates’ party, and forces others to vote tactically, i.e. for someone they don’t really believe in.